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Welcome to Netcross Medical Tours, your path to superior healthcare and well-being in India. Our collaborative approach to healthcare centers around you. With over 70 years of combined experience, we provide comprehensive, affordable health services that prioritize your well-being. Whether it’s specialized treatments, wellness programs, or check-ups, we’re here for you. Your health is our top priority at Netcross Medical Tours in India. Contact us today for a brighter, healthier future.

Netcross Medical Tours: Your gateway to affordable healthcare in India

Our healthcare approach is more than just treatment; it’s about building lasting partnerships. With innovation, cutting-edge medical advancements, and compassionate care at our core, we are committed to delivering specialized and effective healthcare services. Our partner hospitals are esteemed for their excellence in medical care, enriching the health of our community.

Why India for Medical Tourism?

– Discover world class healthcare.

– Cultural richness.

– Personalized Care.

NetCross Medical Tours Making Healthcare Affordable

Our Partner Hospital


One of the World’s Largest Multispecialty Hospital 

Medanta, rated as India’s BEST PRIVATE HOSPITAL by NewsWeek, blends cutting-edge technology, traditional Indian medicine, and modern clinical care to provide world-class healthcare at an affordable cost.

With a widespread network of advanced facilities across India, Medanta is firmly committed to excellence, integrity, and compassionate patient care.

Chairman message


Medanta’s patient-first approach allows teams of super specialist doctors to collaborate seamlessly and arrive at the best possible treatment, customised for each patient in line with our guiding philosophy ‘Har Ek Jaan Anmol’, meaning ‘Every Life is Invaluable’.

Dr. Naresh Trehan

Chairman and Managing Director



Guiding Patients Worldwide to Our Healing Hub

At Netcross Medical Tours, every interaction with our patients is marked by clarity, conciseness, and genuine care. Our mission spans the globe, inviting patients from around the world to experience exceptional healthcare in India. Our services transcend borders, welcoming patients to a holistic healthcare approach that encompasses both medical needs and personal comfort, all set against the backdrop of India’s rich culture and beauty.

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Why India for Medical Tourism?

Wondering why India is a popular destination for medical tourism?


Medical care in India is significantly cheaper than in developed countries.


India has a number of world-class hospitals with experienced doctors and state-of-the-art facilities.


Indian hospitals offer a wide range of medical services, from cardiac surgery to cancer treatment to cosmetic surgery.

NetCross Medical Tours Making Healthcare Affordable

Popular Medical Tourism Treatments in India

Cardiac Surgery

Cancer Treatment

Orthopedic Surgery

Ophthalmic Surgery

Dental Surgery

IVF Treatment

Cosmetic Surgery


A Great Destination for Medical Tourism and Cultural Heritage

The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal

The backwaters of Kerala

The Backwaters of Kerala

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle

The forts of Rajasthan

The Forts of Rajasthan

The beaches of Goa

The beaches of Goa

The ancient temples of Tamil Nadu

The Ancient Temples of Tamil Nadu

Our Services

Trusted Medical Experts

Our qualified medical experts ensure your health and well-being receive top-notch care in India’s serene environment.

Cutting-edge Technology

Leveraging advanced technology to provide you with the highest quality medical treatments available.

Emergency Care

Supporting you during medical emergencies with rapid, effective response, all while you experience the warmth of India.

Regular Checkups

Ensuring proactive healthcare through routine health checkups, helping you stay well.

Convenient Online Service

Experience the ease of online consultations, appointments, and medical guidance, all tailored to your healthcare journey.

Comprehensive Medical Care

From general treatments to specialized care, we cater to diverse medical needs, ensuring your well-being is a priority.

NetCross Medical Tours Making Healthcare Affordable

Prioritizing People in Healthcare

At Netcross Medical Tours, our core philosophy revolves around prioritizing people. Your health, comfort, and well-being are central to everything we undertake.

Tailored Comfort in Care

Experience care that not only heals but also places your comfort at the forefront throughout your healthcare journey.

Trusted Physicians for Your Well-Being

Our accomplished team of physicians is committed to delivering exceptional healthcare customized to meet each patient’s needs.

The Apex of Quality Healthcare

Expect nothing less than the highest quality of medical services to address all your healthcare requirements.

A Warm Welcome Awaits You

From the very outset, you’ll receive a warm and hospitable welcome, setting the tone for your healthcare experience.

Devoted Medical Experts

Satisfied and Happy Patients

State-of-the-Art Medical Beds

Successful Surgeries Every Year

NetCross Medical Tours Making Healthcare Affordable


Netcross Medical Tours

Our mission is to connect patients with exceptional medical care. With a dedication to personalized service and comprehensive healthcare solutions, we are committed to ensuring the success of your medical journey. Whether you require treatments or wellness therapies, we are here to steer you towards improved health, all while embracing the natural beauty of India.

Specialist Doctor

Emergency Cases

Certified Medicine

24x7 Support

Personalized Healthcare Services

Netcross Medical Tours is a leading medical and wellness tourism company based out of South Africa. We take pride in delivering personalized care to each of our clients, ensuring the success of your medical and wellness journey to India.

We offer a comprehensive range of support services, including patient concierge services, to ensure that you have access to the highest quality medical and wellness treatments in India. Our healthcare and wellness partners are among the most reputable and preferred in the world.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a seamless, best-in-class experience. To help us better understand your medical and wellness needs in India, please take a moment to fill out this form.

Our team will reach out to you promptly!

Our Treatments

Cosmetic Surgery

Experience affordable, top-quality cosmetic surgeries amidst the allure.


Experience comprehensive cardiac care, addressing cardiovascular concerns across all ages, all while immersed in charm.


Expertise in treating neurological diseases, promoting optimal nervous system function, all within the serenity.


Receive holistic care for endocrine-related disorders, including diabetes management, amidst picturesque landscapes.

MI & General Surgery

Benefit from a comprehensive approach to general surgery, catering to diverse medical needs, all within a tranquil atmosphere.

Geriatric Care

Experience specialized internal medicine care designed for the unique needs of elderly individuals, surrounded by beauty.

NetCross Medical Tours Making Healthcare Affordable


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Patient Testimonials

Join others who have experienced the excellence of our healthcare, all within a nurturing environment.
My journey to India for medical treatment was truly life-changing. Netcross Medical Tours not only coordinated my appointments seamlessly but also helped me explore the beautiful country. Exceptional healthcare and a memorable trip!


Cape Town, South Africa
Coming to India for medical care was the best decision. Netcross Medical Tours arranged everything flawlessly, and the medical team was outstanding. I also got to enjoy the stunning landscapes – a holistic healing experience!


Durban, South Africa
Netcross Medical Tours made my Indian medical trip worry-free. They ensured I received top-notch healthcare while enjoying the vibrant culture. I’m grateful for their support in my journey to wellness.


Johannesburg, South Africa
Netcross Medical Tours made my international treatment journey a breeze. They connected me with world-class specialists in India, and their meticulous planning took the stress out of the process. A huge thank you!


Pretoria, South Africa
I needed specialized care abroad, and Netcross Medical Tours was my lifeline. From organizing flights to coordinating appointments, they did it all. Their dedication ensured I received the best treatment.


Port Elizabeth, South Africa